Notice NO. SUBJECT Email
44/2019 Interview for Empanelment of Chartered Engineers for Examination/Valuation of Second/Old and Used Machinery/Goods etc in the jurisdiction of Commissioner of Customs (Import-I), New Custom House, Mumbai Email
43/2019 Provisions of Section 65 of the Customs Act, 1962 for Manufacturing or other operations undertaken in Customs Bonded Warehouses Email
39/2019 Oral Examination under CBLR, 2018 to be held from 20th to 24th may Email
20/2019 Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) under Principal Commissioner of Customs (General)-reg. Dated. 29/03/2019 Email
18/2019 Working of Sections and Groups on 30.03.2019 & 31.03.2019-reg Email
19/2019 Selection of empanelment of the valuers of Seized/ Confiscated Detained/ Time Expired Bonded Goods - reg. Dated. 28-03-2019 Email
17/2019 Public Notice No. 17/2019. Designation of Central Public Information Officer (CPIO) under Principal Commissioner of Customs (General)-reg. Email
15/2019 Conduct of online examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR, 2018 by the NACIN Faridabad Email
14/2019 Implementation of e-SANCHIT in Exports on mandatory basis-reg Email
13/2019 Working of Sections and all groups on all Saturdays in the month of March, 2019 Email
12/2019 Computer Based Examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR, 2018 to be held on 15.03.2019 Email
2019 Catalogues of 02 lots for e-auction to be held on 28.02.2019 Email
09/2019 ‘F’ Category Written Examination under Regulation 6 of CBLR, 2018 Email
10/2019 Implementation of Sevottam and appointment of Public Grievance Officer in the Audit Commissionerate, Mumbai Zone- I Email
06/2019 Processing of Shipping Bills in EDI System at NCH, amendment to Public Notice 84/2013 dated 12.03.2013, issued by NCH, Mumbai Zone-I Email
07/2019 Clarification regarding Exports under claim for drawback in the GST Scenario Email
05/2019 Creation of 'RMS Facilitation Centre' at NCH, Mumbai, Zone-i Email
04/2019 Standard Operating Procedures regarding monitoring of Export obligation fulfilment under EPCG and Advance authorization scheme Email
03/2019 IGST Export Refunds–resolution of errors Email
01/2019 Clearance of fully facilitated Bill of Entry pending for more than 24 hours Email
02/2019 Online Registration of goods through ICEGATE Email
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