Principal Chief Commissioner's Office

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Rajeev Tandon Principal Chief Commissioner Zone-I cconchm1[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22620091 022-22610027 7799 7002
2 Akhilesh Pandey Additional Commissioner CCO akhilesh.pandey[at]icegate[dot]gov[dot]in 022-22612472 022-22757712 7777 7711
3 Manoj Kumar Deputy Commissioner CCO kumarmanoj[at]nic[dot]in 022-22757014 022-22610027 7014
4 D.K. Indrodia Assistant Commissioner CCO dk.indrodia[at]gov[dot]in 022-27577010 022-22610027 7010

Principal Commissionerate (General)

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Prachi Saroop Commissioner General prachi.saroop[at]gov[dot]in 022-22612561 22671113
2 M.V. Vasudevan Additional Commissioner General m.vasudevan[at]nic[dot]in 022-22634330
3 Deepak Sharma Joint Commissioner General deepaksharma.irs[at]gov[dot]in 22642217
4 Hemanga Phukon Deputy Commissioner Preventive General (in charge–all Gates and Divisions and Port Security) including Preventive Pay Bill, PSO, Sports & Training, Group C (Uniform) Establishment, Protocol, UB Centre, Sample Collection and Monitoring, PGO and Tax Payer Services & Disposal hemphuks[at]gmail[dot]com
5 KK Sharma Deputy Commissioner CHS and matters relating to Custom House Building and Guest House, Estate including Customs Enclave Cell and MTO
6 Rajkumar V Kendre Deputy Commissioner TRC, Container Cell (Container movement and co-ordination with CONCOR), Technical, Statistics, Task force matters, CRCL, Correspondence, Records, CRR and Hindi Anubhag rajkumarirs[at]gmail[dot]com 22757529
7 Vivekanand Rai Deputy Commissioner CIU, CPGRAM, RTI & CPIO and other related matters and charges not elsewhere specified vivekanandrai21[at]gmail[dot]com 22757753
8 B G Amrutsagar Deputy Commissioner Vigilance and Legal Cell Administration (service related matters in CAT, High Court and Supreme Court) amrutsagar17[at]gmail[dot]com 22757740
9 Jitendra Patel Deputy Commissioner Personnel & Establishment (Administration) & Training Cell patel.jitendra[at]gov[dot]in 22757733
10 P K Vyas Deputy Commissioner Confidential (APAR), IPR, Assets Declaration, Conduct Rules, matters related to welfare fund, salary matters related to Group ‘A’ cadre, Cadre & Inquiry Officer (Vigilance)
11 Piyush Shukla Deputy Commissioner CBS (Admn), CBS (Licence-issue/renewal of pass, EDI related matters) and 7 (2) permission shukla.piyush[at]gov[dot]in. 22757760
12 Mahender Kumar Deputy Commissioner CBS-Inquiry, Action matters, Examination, Adjudication, CESTAT and Court matters aggarwalmahendra[at]rediffmail[dot]com 22757770
13 A M Reuben Deputy Commissioner Audit and all matters related to Audit, Telecom, Sevottam, TCU, Dedicated Legal Cell, Review Cell & Prosecution Cell amr59[at]rediffmail[dot]com
14 Venkatesh Jadhav Deputy Commissioner ICD Mulund (Import)-Import assessment, Arrears relating to Import, EDI, Import Noting, Provisional Assessment, Adjudication of Import Cases for AC's Competence, license monitoring cell, court cases and other work relted to import groups, Refund venkteshj[at]gmail[dot]com 25637772
15 S.D. Pattanaik Deputy Commissioner ICD Mulund (Examination)- Import and Export Docks, Warehousing bond, disposal, UB Centre, Sample Collection and monitoring, container movement and co-ordination with CONCOR, Audit including pre and post audit of refund, Records drsd2207[at]gmail[dot]com 25635788
16 S.S. Dhani Deputy Commissioner ICD Mulund (Export and Admin)- Export assessment, Drawback and Drawback recovery cell, Arrears relating to exports, adjudication of export cases for AC's competence, TRC exports, CPIO and RTI, Gate postings & PCA

Export Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Ramesh Chander Commissioner Export ramesh.bhardwaj[at]nic[dot]in 022 22625802 022 22671113
2 Dr. B.S.Meena Additional Commissioner Export bsmeena069[at]yahoo[dot]com 022 22757730
3 SPS Hooda Assistant Commissioner Admin, Review, Legal, Tribunal Co-ordination Unit, Prosecution & Audit (CERA) 022 22757520
4 Om Prakash Ram Tripathi Assistant Commissioner Export Assessment, Appraising Main and RTI
5 Jiji Jacob Assistant Commissioner DEEC (MC), MCD, Modvat Cell, Sevottam, Policy & Technical Statistics Jiji.jacob[at]gmail[dot]com
6 Dandapani Behera Assistant Commissioner EDI, EPCG (MC), Adjudication dandapani.behera[at]icegate[dot]gov[dot]in 022-22757535
7 Rahul Raichur Assistant Commissioner Drawback and Drawback Recovery Cell, Export Related Refunds (IGST), SAD, SIIB Export, Refund & BRU Rahul.Raichur[at]icegate[dot]gov[dot]in 022-22757550
8 Shashank Shekhar Assistant Commissioner TRC, Export Examination, Container Sealing & Miscellaneous Work shashank25shekhar[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22757598

Import-I Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Prachi Saroop Commissioner Commissioner, Import-I prachi.saroop[at]gov[dot]in 022-22612561
2 Dhirendra Mani Tripathi Joint Commissioner Group VB, Group VI, Docks, Contract Cell, Adjudication, RTI, Sevottam, Appraising Main, Appraising (Gen.). dm.tripathi[at]nic[dot]in 022-22757008 022-22757727
3 Amit F. Ghawate Joint Commissioner Group IV, Group V , SIIB(I), Legal, TCU, CSD, Valuation Cell, Prosecution Cell, Review, Audit Coordination Cell, MCD, Import Noting, TRC . amit.dgceimzu[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22625610
4 Yogesh Yadav Deputy Commissioner SIIB(I), Legal, TCU, CSD, Prosecution Cell yogesh.yadav.irs[at]nic[dot]in 022-22627435
5 Vinay Kumar Thammi Assistant Commissioner Group IV, Review, Audit Coordination Cell, MCD, Import Noting saivinay.3579[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22757423
6 H M Patel Assistant Commissioner Group V, TRC hithem1986[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22757428
7 Money Jain Assistant Commissioner Group VB, Appraising (Gen.) contactmoneyjainirs[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22757414
8 D Banerjee Assistant Commissioner Group VI, Contract Cell Adjudication, RTI, Sevottam, Appraising Main debashish.banerjee[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757007
9 Venance Lobo Assistant Commissioner Docks (Admn.) venancelobo_vi[at]yahoo[dot]com 022-23723149
10 Farah Zachariah Assistant Commissioner Docks farah.zachariah[at]gmail[dot]com 022-23723149

Import-II Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Jagreeti Sain Negi Commissioner Commissioner, Import-II jagreetinegi[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22620845 022-22610027
2 Rajesh Kothari Joint Commissioner Import-II rajeshkothariajmer[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22757411
3 K.K. Prasad Deputy Commissioner Group-III, TCU, Legal & AEO kkprasad123[at]yahoo[dot]in 022-22757513
4 A.M. Naik Assistant Commissioner PAS & RTI ashoknaik_excise[at]yahoo[dot]in 022-22614585
5 J.P. Sharma Assistant Commissioner Group-I, IA and Bond jpsharma.5a[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757429
6 Nikhil J Wagle Assistant Commissioner Group-IIA, Refund, TAR, Audit & Centralise License Section nikhil.wagle[at]gov[dot]in 022-25757430
7 M.K. Mishra Assistant Commissioner SVB, Review & Sevottam 022-22757434
8 Sumity Garg Assistant Commissioner Group-IIB, Adjudicaiton, Appraising Main, General & Sevottam sumitygarg91[at]gmail[dot]com 022-22757425

Commissioner (Appeal )

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Ram Niwas Commissioner Appeals ccappealszone1[at]gmail[dot]com 22616932, 22642435 22757022 7884 7021 7881

Audit Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Prachi Saroop Commissioner Audit Commissionerate prachi.saroop[at]gov[dot]in 22619538 22671113 2275 7500 2275 7501
2 Sunita Pandey Additional Commissioner Audit Commissionerate pandey.sunita[at]gov[dot]in 22656376 - 2275 7506 2275 7504
3 Abhishek Anand Deputy Commissioner Circle-C, Group VII, VIII, IX, Administration, Personnel and Vigilance, Accounts abhishek.anand88[at]gov[dot]in 2275 7512 -
4 Brijendra Chowdhary Deputy Commissioner Circle-I, Group XXV, XXVI, XVII, Hindi Rajyabhasha brijendra.chowdhary[at]icegate[dot]gov[dot]in 2275 7562 -
5 Kailas V. Karkhile Deputy Commissioner Circle-E, Group XIII, XIV, XV, Circle-D (Addl. Charge), Group X, XI, XII, Sevottam and RTI kailas.karkhile[at]nic[dot]in 2275 7511 -
6 Kavita Singh Deputy Commissioner Circle-B, Group IV, V, VI kavitasingh.irs[at]gov[dot]in 2275 7505 -
7 Mukesh Shrivastava Assistant Commissioner Circle-A, Group I, II, III, Planning and Coordination, Risk Management and Quality Assurance, Technical and Public Relations mk.shrivastava59[at]gov[dot]in 2275 7507 -
8 A. J. Shetye Assistant Commissioner Circle- F,Group XVI XXVII, XXIVIII ajit.shetye[at]gov[dot]in 2275 7533 -
9 S. M. Chaurasia Assistant Commissioner Circle- G,Group XIX XX, XXI sm.chourasia[at]nic[dot]gov[dot]in 2275 7729 -
10 R. S. Parte Assistant Commissioner Circle- H,Group XXII, XXIII, XXIV ravindra.parte[at]gov[dot]in -
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