1 29/07/2019 Office Order regarding departmental exam for confirmation of Examiners and Preventive Officers for Paper-VII (Viva-Voce) Download
2 29/07/2019 Link Officers within Export Commissionerate Download
3 22/07/2019 Establishment Office Order No. 64/2019- Review DPC for promotions in the grade of Senior Tax Assistant to the grade of Inspector (Examiner) for the vacancy year 2014-15 to 2016-17 Download
4 09/07/2019 Departmental Examination for Appraiser/Examiner and Preventive Officer for confirmation in the month of February, 2019 Download
5 01/05/2019 Office Note for training of Appraisers at NACIN Download
6 24/04/2019 Declaration of the Marks of the Departmental Examination for Confirmation in the Grade of Appraiser/Examiner/Preventive Officer held in the month of August 2018-reg. Download
7 19/03/2019 Establishment Office Order No. 323/2019 Date 19.03.2019 Download
8 19/03/2019 Establishment Office Order No. 324/2019 Date 19.03.2019 Download
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