Notice NO. SUBJECT Email
164-2022 NOTICE NO. 164/2022-23 CBS iro M/s. Star India Container Line Pvt. Ltd. No. (PAN No. AAKCS2074F) (CB 11/2602) Email
53/CAC/PCC(G)/SJ/CBS O-I-O with respect to CB M/s Frontier Shipping Agencies PVT lTD. (11/1004) Email
157/2022-23 Notice No. 157/2022-23 CBS Email
247-2022 Estt. Office Order No. 247/2022 Email
Deficiency Memo Deficiency Memo in the application for custom pass-reg Email
pn-154-2022 Ps prajapati notice Email
153-2022 Ramchandra notice Email
146-2022 NOTICE No. 146/2022-2023 iro M/s. SGATS Logistics Pvt Ltd (11/2648) Email
39-2022 Public Notice No. 39/2022-23 dtd 02.11.2022 for issuance of new Customs Broker license to M/s. Across Globe Logistics LLP Email
141-2022 NOTICE NO.- 141/2022-23 CBS-reg Email
140-2022 Notice No. 140/2022-23 CBS in respect of Customs Broker M/s. Veewin Logistics Email
136-2022 Notice No. 136/2022-23 CBS in respect of Customs Broker M/s. Siva Shipping and Transport Email
139-2022 Public Notice 139-2022 Email
131-2022 Public Notice 131-2022 Email
128-2022 NOTICE 128-2022-23 Email
127-2022 Notice No. 127/2022-23 CBS in respect of Ms. Resource Shipping Email
deficency memo Deficency Memo Email
Deficiency Memo Deficiency Memo Email
123-2022-23 Notice No. 123/2022-23 CBS (Transys Global Forwarding Pvt. Ltd.) Email
Deficiency Memo Deficiency Memo Email
117-2022-23 Public Notice 117-2022 ( Ms Shivtej Cargo Pvt Ltd) Email
26-2022 Advisory for Procedure of IGST Refund for Exports through Foreign Post Offices using ICAN Email
173-2022 Establishment Order No-173-2022-05-08-2022 Email
106-2022-23 Notice No.106/2022-23-CBS i.r.o. CB M/s YUG Commercials Pvt LTd. -Reg Email
104-2022-23 Notice No. 104/2022-23 dated 28.07.2022 in respect of M/s. Aman Cargo P. Ltd. (11/979) Email
105-2022 Notice NO. 105/2022-23 dated 28.07.2022 in respect of addition/deletion in M/s. Damco India P. Ltd. (11/1058) Email
101/2022-23 Notice No.101/2022-23-CBS i.r.o. M/s Shiftco Shipping Logistics India Pvt Ltd. - Reg Email
cor-13-2022-23 corrigendum to public notice 13/2022-23 Email
00100-2022-23 NOTICE NO. 100/2022-23 -reg. Email
CBS-89-2022 NOTICE NO. 89/2022-23 DATED 08.07.2022-CB M/S SHREESHINE SERVICES (CB NO. 11/1873) Email
88-2022 NOTICE NO. 88/2022-23 DATED 06.07.22-M/S PARTHIV V DAVE (CB NO. 11/1931) Email
CB No. AFLPC3072L 11/2660 M/s. ASC Shipping & Cargo Services -CB No. AFLPC3072L 11/2660, PAN No. conversion of Partnership to Pvt. Ltd. Sasha Shipping Pvt. Ltd. - company M/s. PAN No. ABFCS4754E reg. Email
18/2022-23 public notice 18/2022-23 Email
87-2022 NOTICE NO. 87/2022-23- M/S MGH LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. (CB NO. 11/1840) Email
82-2022 Notice No. 82/2022-23 CBS dated 27.06.2022 in respect of M/s. LX PANTOS INDIA PVT. LTD (PAN NO. AAACF8539L) Email
81-2022 Notice No. 81/2022-23 CBS dated 27.06.2022 in respect of M/s. TOPSWA LOGISTICS PVT. LTD (PAN NO. AAFCT7008R) Email
80-2022 Notice No. 80/2022-23 regarding re-constituiton Email
79-2022 Notice No. 79/2022-23 regarding Re-constitution Email
14/2022-23 Public notice No. 14/2022-23 Email
13-2022 Public Notice No. 13/2022-23 Email
71-2022-23 Notice No. 71/2022-23 dated 20.06.2022 in respect of M/s. Oberoi Exim Services Email
72-2022-23 notice no. 72/2022-23 dated 20.06.2022 in respect of M/s. UPOWER LOGISTICS (INDIA) PVT. LTD (PAN NO. AABCU8170H) Email
73-2022-23 Notice No. 73/2022-23 CBS dated 20-06-2022 in respect of Custom Broker M/s.Shri Chandra Bulk Cargo Services Private Limited (PAN No. AAECR9430L) Email
70-2022-23 Notice No. 70/2022-23 CBS dated 17-06-2022 Email
70-2022 Notice No. 70/2022-23 dated 17.06.2022 in respect of M/s. LANS PROJECTS LOGISTICS PVT. LTD (CB NO. 11/2495) Email
68-2022 NOTICE NO. 68/2022-23/CBS DATED 17.06.2022- M/S SSS SAI FORWARDERS PVT. LTD. (CB NO. 11/1830) Email
67-2022-23 NOTICE NO. 67/2022-23 DATED 16.06.2022- M/S RAJ LOGISTICS (CB NO. 11/2024) Email
66-2022 Notice no 66-2022 Email
64-2022-23 NOTICE NO-64/2022-23 CBS i.r.o. M/S INTERNATIONAL CARGO SERVICES - REG Email
10-2022-23 Order No. 10/2022-23 dated 08.06.2022 in respect of CB- M/s. Sync Logisitics (11/2377) Email
59-2022-23 Notices issued with regard to M/s. Four Star Enterprises (11/845) Email
60-2022-23 M/s. Black Stone Clearing and Shipping LLP (11/865) Email
cbs-57-2022 Notice No 57/2022-23: M/s. D.V. Shipping Pvt Ltd (CB No. 11/946) Email
08-2022 public notice 18/2022-23 Email
46-2022-23 M/s. R.R. Shipping Agency (11/807) Email
47-2022-23 M/s. R.R. Shipping Agency (11/807) Email
44-2022 Notice Issued regarding restoration of CB license and permission to transact business for a period of 2 years due to demise of F card holder Email
47-2022 Notice Issued regarding restoration of CB license and permission to transact business for a period of 2 years due to demise of F card holder Email
52-2022 cbs notice 52-2022-23 Email
44-2022 Notice -M/s. Standard Shipping Agency (CB No. 11-1010) Email
cbs-cor-34-2022 CORRIGENDUM TO NOTICE NO. 34/2022-23 DATED 10.05.2022 Email
41-2022 Notice for Lifetime validity- M/s. Airol Cargo Services Pvt Ltd (11-953) Email
40-2021 Notice No.40/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. CB M/s Milap Logistics Pvt Ltd. - Reg Email
39-2022 Notice No.39/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. CB M/s Asian Supply Chain Solutions Pvt Ltd - Reg. Email
225-2022 Registration of New CB License in the name of M/s. BPL Global Logistics Pvt. Ltd. - reg Email
37-2022 Notice No. 37/20-22-23/CBS Email
35-2022 NOTICE NO. 35/2022-23 DATED 10.05.2022-CB, M/S ABHYANSH SHIPPING (CB NO. 11/1986) Email
33-2022 Notice No. 33/2022-23 CBS dated 09.05.2022 Email
32-2022 Notice No. 32 - 2022 CBS : M/s. Stylex Clearing & Shipping Agency CB No 11/1034 Email
31-2022 Notice No. 31/2022-23 CBS dated 05.05.2022 in respect of M/s. Anand Logistics & CHA Services (11/2413) Email
29-2022 NOTICE NO. 29/2022-23 DATED 04.05.2022- CB M/S POLAR SHIPPING (CB NO. 11/1930) Email
27-2022 NOTICE NO. 27/2022-23 - CB, M/S GAERISH LOGISTICS PVT. LTD. (CB NO. 11/2047) Email
cbs-26-2022 NOTICE NO. 26/2022-23 DATED 27.04.2022- CB, M/S DURGA SHIPPING AND TRANSPOT AGENCY (CB NO. 11/2036) Email
25-2022 NOTICE NO. 25/2022-23 DATED 27.04.2022- CB, M/S SWATI SHIPPING SERVICES (CB NO. 11/1956) Email
CBS-22-2022 NOTICE NO. 22/2022-23 DATED 26.04.2022- CB M/S BHAGVATI IMPEX (CB NO. 11/2055) Email
CBS-19-2022 Notice of renewal of license of CB, M/S MANILA FREIGHT SERVICES PVT. LTD. (CB No. 11/2084) Inbox Email
14-2022-23 CBS NOTICE 14-2022-23 Email
15-2022-23 CBS-15-2022-23 Email
07-2022-23 M/s. C.N. Mehta & Associates - regarding Email
10-2022-23 Notice No.10 i.r.o. M/s Mokssh Freightnomics Pvt Ltd. Email
09-2022-23 Fwd: Notice No.09/2022-23-CBS issued i.r.o. of CB M/s Synergy Global Logistics Pvt Ltd (11/2349). Email
08-2022-23 Notice No.08/2022-23-CBS i.r.o. CB M/s V-Sure Logistics (11/2321) Email
05-2022-23 CB M/s. Travels & Shipping Pvt. Ltd. Email
221-2021-22 Public Notice No. 221/2021-22 Email
222-2021-22 Public Notice No. 222/2021-22 Email
220-2021-22 Public Notice No. 220/2021-22 Email
228-2021-22 Notice No.228/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. M/s Dixon Aviation Pvt Ltd Email
229-2021-22 Notice No.229/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. M/s Samudra Marine Services Pvt Ltd Email
230-2021-22 Notice No.230/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. M/s Sri Mother Shipping Pvt Ltd Email
217-2021-22 NOTICE NO. 217/2021-22 DATED 29.03.2022 Email
218-2021-22 NOTICE NO. 218/2021-22 DATED 29.03.2022- CB M/S RAJ LOGISTICS (CB NO. 11/1993) Email
215-2021-22 NOTICE NO 215/2021-22 Email
225-2021-22 Notice No. 225/2022-23-CBS in respect of M/s Apurva Natvar Parikh & Co Pvt Ltd Email
214-2021-22 Notice No.214/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. M/s Siddhesh Logistics Email
212-2021-22 Notice: M/s. Trident Express Pvt Ltd 11-1053 Email
179-2022 NOTICE NO. 179/2021-22 Email
210-2022-23 Notice: M/s Creation CB No. 11/914 Email
211-2021-22 Notice No.211/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. CB M/s Sandesh Mishra Email
207-2021-22 NOTICE NO 207/2021-22-REG Email
208-2021-22 NOTICE NO 208/2021-22-REG Email
172-2022 NOTICE NO 172/2021/22-REG Email
206-2021-22 CBS Notice no. 206/2021-22 CBS dated 21-03-2022 in respect of M/s. RAPID SHIPPING COMPANY Email
219-2021-22 Public Notice No. 219/2021-22 dated 17.03.2022 i.r.o. CB M/s. Shivleela Logistics Pvt. Ltd. - reg Email
204-2021-22 Notice No.204/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. M/s 4S Logistic solutions Pvt Ltd Email
203-2021-22 Notice No 203/2021-22-CBS i.r.o. M/s Genid Shipping & Logistics Pvt Lt Email
CB-EXT CB Real Log. Ship. Agency - Application for extension of life time validity of CB License as per amendment made in Regulation 9 of CBLR, 2018 – reg Email
218-2021-22 Public Notice No. 218/2021-22 dated 14.03.2022 in the matter of CB M/s. Cargo Ease Pvt. Ltd. (CB Lic. No. 11/2717) - reg Email
200/2021-22 Notice no. 200/2021-22 CBS dated 09.03.2022 in respect of M/s. SSS Lines Pvt. Ltd Email
198-2021-22 cbs Notice No. 198/2021-22 CBS dated 08.03.2022 in respect of M/s. KUNAL LOGISTICS (PAN No. AROPD6201B) Email
199/2021-22 Notice No. 199/2021-22 CBS dated 08.03.2022 in respect of M/s. K. M. LOGI Email
194-2021-22 Ant Signed Notice 194-2021-22-CBS Email
193-2021-22-CBS PN-193-2021-22-CBS Email
196-2021-22 Notice No.196/2021-22 dt.07.03.2022 regarding address change of M/s Infinity Logistics & Supply Chain Pvt Ltd[CB No.11/2630]-reg. Email
213-2021-22 public notice 213/2021-22 dt. 04.03.2022-reg Email
214-2021-22 PUBLIC NOTICE 214/2021-22 CBS I/r of M/s SPIN LOGISTICS-reg Email
212-2021-22 Public Notice No. 212/2021-22 dated 04.03.2022 i/r of M/s GAF Global Logistics Private Limited-reg Email
211-2021-22 PUBLIC NOTICE 211/2021-22 DT. 04.03.2022 NEW CB LICENSE I/R OF M/S CONCORDE EXIM INDIA-REG. Email
191-2022-23 Notice: M/s Sai Dutta Clearing Agency Pvt Ltd (CB No 11-978) Email
188-2021-22-CBS Notice No. 188/2021-22 CBS - M/s. Siddhivinayak Trans Global Logistics LLP (CB No. 11/2475) Email
182-2021-22 Notice no. 183/2021-22 CBS - M/s. Seajet Logistics Pvt. Ltd ( 11/2359) Email
184-2021-22 YSR Logistics 184-2021-22-CBS Email
186-2021-22-cbs NOTICE NO 186-2021-22-CBS M/s Well Freight Pvt. Ltd. Email
185-2022-21 Notice No. 185/2021-22 CBS in respect of M/s. Virendra Kumar Gupta Email
PN-190-CBS NOTICE NO. 190/2021-22 M/s R. D. shipping & forwarding Pvt. ltd Email
151-2021-22 Corrigendum to notice no. 151/2021-22 CBS in the case of Shri Sanjeev Singh Chandel Email
182-2021-22 Notice No. 182/2021-22 CBS dated 02.03.2022 Email
M/s Maj Shipping (CB No.-11/2013) Restoration of license of CB M/s Maj Shipping (CB No.-11/2013) Email
187-2021-22-CBS Notice No. 187/2021-22 CBS - M/s Impex Clearing & Shipping Agency Email
174-2022 M/s RUSHABH & CO-REG Email
175-2022 M/s. DV Shipping Pvt Ltd (PAN No. - AAECD0782B), holder of License No. 11/946 Email
173-2022 Notice no. 173/2021-22 CBS for restoration of license of CB, M/s Mahavir Logistics Email
171-2021-22 Notice: M/s. K-Star Shipping Agency Pvt. Ltd. (CB No. 11/1171) Email
169-2022 CB NOTICE 169-2022 Email
168-2022 Sai Tulsi Notice Email
167-2022 Issuance of Notice No. 167/2021-22 dated 08.02.2022 Email
165-2022 M/s Trident Express Pvt Ltd (CB No. 11/1053): Notice No. 165/2021-22 dated 02.02.2022 Email
164-2022 Notice no-164/2021-22 CBS in r/o m/S ACCESS WORLDWIDE CARGO-REG Email
201-2022 Public Notice No. 201/2021-22 dated 13.01.2022 i/r of M/s Alpha Cargo Express Pvt Ltd Email
163--2021-22 NOTICE No. 163/2021-22/CBS dated 28.01.2022: M/s Adarsh Clearing Agency (11-940) PAN No. ABWFA6436H Email
161-2021 Notice No. 161/2021-22 CBS dated 25.01.2022 - M/s. International Trades & Agencies Email
160-2021-22 NOTICE 160-2021 Email
37-2021-22 ORDER NO. 37/2021-22 OF M/S SUN CLEARING AGENCY-REG Email
154-2021 notice no 154-2021-2022 Email
158-2021-22 Notice No 158-2021-22 Email
131-2021-22 Perfecto Logistics - Corrigendum Email
157-2022 Notice No. 157/2021-22 CBS dated 19.01.2022 Email
n.a Renewal of Extension of Customs Broker License No. 11/550 under Regulation 7(3) of CBLR, 2018 in r/o M/s Links Cargo Agencies Pvt. Ltd - Reg. Email
202-2021-22 Public Notice No. 202/2021-22 dated 13.01.2022 -reg Email
Notice no 153_2021-22- CBS Notice no 153_2021-22- CBS Email
151-2021-22 NOTICE NO 151-2021-22 Email
16-2022-23 PUBLIC NOTICE No. I6 /2022-23 Email
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