Sr. No. Name Contact
1 Shri Pramod Kumar Agrawal, Chief Commissioner Of Customs Mumbai Zone-I ccu-cusmum1[at]nic[dot]in, Tel:- 022-22620091, Fax:- 022-22610027 ,Intercom :- 7799 , P.A :- 7002
2 Shri Rajiv Magoo 022-22757010
3 Shri Manish Yadav,DC 022-22757012
4 Shri S. Suresh Kumar,AC 022-22757014

Jurisdictions of Commissionerates

Sr. No. Commissionerate Charges
1 General Admn. Estt. (including Cadre Control) of all cadres, Vigilance, CIU, Preventive Services including Baggage & Disposal, Sports, Records, Telecom & Correspondence, Accounts, Container Cell, CAT Cell, TRC, Legal, Review, TCU, Prosecution Cell (Apprg), Statistics, Inquiry/Disciplinary Authority, CHA, Audit Computerisation, Revenue Control, CFS-Mulund, SIIB, Lab, Work related to renovation of Custom House, Construction of Residential/Office Accommodation and matter related to Welfare Fund.
2 Import- I Appraising Groups IV, VA, VB, VI, Contract Cell, Import Noting, Appraising (Main & General), Legal & Prosecution, Tribunal Coordination Unit, Statistics, SIIB, Review, RTI, Adjudication, Tax Recovery, Docks and MCD.
3 Import-II Appraising Groups I, IA, IIA, IIB, III, SVB, Bonds, Tax Recovery, Postal Appraising Section, DEPB Monitoring Cell, SIIB, Review, RTI, Adjudication and Refunds.
4 Export DEEC Monitoring, DEEC Monitoring Cell in respect of license registered before 30.09.2014, EPCG Monitoring, Export Assessment, Export Examination, Drawback, Refund, SIIB, Legal, License Section and work related to Release Advice, Policy & Technical Zonal EDI, Administration, Prosecution, Review, Adjudication, RTI, MODVAT Cell, Tax Recovery and MCD.
5 Customs Audit All India jurisdiction
6 Appeals Appeal Cases of all Commissionerates in Mumbai Customs Zone-I.
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