Pr. Chief Commissioner's Office

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax/Mob Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Shri. Pramod Kumar Agrawal Pr.Chief Commissioner Zone-I ccu-cusmum1[at]nic[dot]in 022-22620091 022-22610027 7799 7002
2 Shri Ravindra Kumar Singh Additional Commissioner ALL PCCO related 022-22612472 Mob:-9967704908 7010 7040
3 Shri. Eishvaryesh Bhardwaj Deputy Commissioner PCCO [U-II (Admn-111), U-IVA, V, VI] Mob:- 7014
4 Shri Rajiv Sharma Assistant Commissioner PCCO [U-I (Admn-1&11), IIIA, IIIB, IVB] Mob:-9819505967 7014

Principal Commissionerate (General)

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Shri.Sunil Jain Principal Commissioner Admin & Estt. (including cadre control) of Group B C and D cadres, Vigilance, CIU, Preventive Services including Unaccompanied Baggage & Disposal, Technical, Hindi Cell, Sports, Records, Telecom & Correspondence, Accounts, Container Cell, CAT Cell, TRC, Legal, Review Cell, TCU, Prosecution, Statistics, Audit matters related to General Commissionerate, RTI, Adjudication, Sevottam and Administrative sections, Inquiry/Disciplinary Authority, CBS, Computerization, Revenue Control, CFS – Mulund, CRCL, Land and Estate matters and matters related to Welfare Fund sunil[dot]jain1967[at}gov[dot]in 22612407/20821041 22671113 2275 7500 2275 7701
2 Shri.Sunil Bimrao Deshmukh Additional Commissioner 1.CPGRAM (General), RTI &CPIO matters, Parliamnetary Questions, . 2.Audit and all matters, . 3.Legal Cell (Administration, service related matters in CAT, High Court and Supreme Court), 4.Review Cell including all appeals and O-I-Os of General commissionerate, 5.Dedicated Legal Cell &TCU (CESTAT, Supreme Court, High Court matters of all General sections other than CAT Cell, 6. Vigilance section, 7. Accounts Main, Pension and Accounts Pay bill, 8. any charges not specified elsewhere. sdeshmukh[dot]irs[at]gov[dot]in 02220820894 9820195246 7730 7731
3 Shri.Deepak Sharma Additional Commissioner Personnel & Establishment: [CBS, CIU, Accounts, Pension, Cash & Budget) deepaksharma[dot]irs[at]gov[dot]in 022-22642435 7878404196 7884 7881
4 Shri.Ajit Dan Joint Commissioner (PG) Preventive General: ICD Mulund, Disposal, Sports & Training, RTI & CPI0, PQ, TPS, Telecom, Sevottam, Container, Salary Matters of Group A, Hindi Anubhag ajitdan[dot]irs[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757777 9869784595 7777 7711
5 Shri.Shreyansh Mohan Deputy Commissioner (P&E) Correpondence, Records, Sevottam, Hindi Anubag. shreyansh[dot]mohan[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757740 8373941027
6 Shri. Dr.Ayush Katheria Deputy Commissioner [ICD Mulund, Disposal, Technical & Statistics, CRU & CRR, CRCL, Audit.] ayush[dot]katheria[at]gov[dot]in 9654903991 7760
7 Shri.Meva Ram Ola Deputy Commissioner (P&E and CBS) meva[dot]ola[at]gov[dot]in 8800454051 7770
8 Shri.Ashok Chakravarthy Deputy Commissioner (PG) [Public Grievances, Tax payer service, RTI, CPIO and PQ, Central Tade Facilitaion Cetre, Customs Enclave, Container, CIU.] ashok[dot]716[at]gov[dot]in 8978111571 7703
9 Shri.Bhosale Sandeep Dinkar Deputy Commissioner (CHS) [Swachta, Telecom, Sports and Training] irs[dot]drsandipdb88[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757860 9699973682 7860
10 Shri.Sanjay Singh Asstt. Commissioner (VIG) [Legal, TRC, Review, Prosecution] sanjay[dot]g208901[at]gov[dot]in 022-2275747 8879461354
11 Shri.Ramesh Kumar Asstt. Commissioner 1. Container Cell, 2. Correspondence, 3. Records, CRR, 4. Hindi Anubhag. ramesh[dot]kumar66[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757859 9870165148

Export Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No./Mob Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Shri. Chetan Kumar Jain Commissioner Commissioner Export comcusexp-mum[at]gov[dot]in 022-22620845 7700 022-22757501
2 Shri.Rajesh Kothari Additional Commissioner Export Examination, Container Sealing, Admin, Policy & Tech Statistics, MODVAT Cell, Sevottam, RTI, CRU (Export), Centralized Legal Cell (CLC), Audit Co-ordination Unit (ACU), Review, Export Assessment, EGM Co-ordination, DBK, DRC, Export Related Refunds (IGST), SAD Export Refund, BRU 9029009025 7408/18
3 Shri.Amit Kumar Nikalje Joint Commissioner [SITB (Export), DEEC (MC), NCLT Cell, EPCG (MC), Prosecution, MCD, TRC, E-Office, EDI, (Alt System Manager), Adjudication] 7046647777 7450/51
4 Shri Gurtesh Matharu Deputy Commissioner DEEC/Advance Authorization (MC), Export Examination, Container Sealing, MCD, TRC, E- office& EDI] 9646570097 7537
5 Shri Devashya ]yoti Jyotirmoy Deputy Commissioner Export Assessment, EGM Coordination, DBK, DRC, Export Related Refunds (1GST), SAD Export Refund& BRU] 9818407833 7887
6 Shri. DR Pardeshi Assistant Commissioner [EPCG (MC), NCLT Cell &Centralized Legal Cell (CLC)] 9892208194 7513
7 Shri.S Suresh Kumar Assistant Commissioner [Admin, Policy & Tech Statistics, MODVAT Cell, Sevottam, RTI & CRU (Export)] 9849013143
8 Shri.Onkar Nath Singh Assistant Commissioner [Audit Co-ordination Unit (ACU), Review, Adjudication & SIIB (Export)] 8169336959

Import-I Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax/Mobile Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Shri Vivek Pandey Commissioner Commissioner of Customs (Import-I) Mumbai Zone I. vivek1[dot]pandey[at]nic[dot]in 022-22757004 7004 7401
2 Shri Rajiv Magoo Additional Commissioner All Appraising Groups, Import Docks, Appraising Main, Appraising General, Appraising Paybill, Adjudication, Contract Cell, TSK,CRRC Tribunal & Legal Cell (TRC) rajiv[dot]magoo[at]nic[dot]in 022-22757410 9821851701 7410 7411
3 Shri Vishal Sanap Joint Commissioner SIIB (I) and prosecution, CSD, CRu, Contract Cell, Review, Audit co-cordination cell, sevottam, RTI, Import Noting and MCD, Hindi Anubhag, E-Office, CPGRAM vishal[dot]sanap[at]gov[dot]in 9619000050 7424 7407
4 Shri.Ramdas T. Kale Deputy Commissioner DC [SIIB (), ACU Imp I and 2 both, CSD, Review Cell ramdas[dot]kale[at]gov[dot]in 8668555480 7439
5 Shri.Kumar Gaurav Deputy Commissioner [FAG& PAG 4(72-73, PAG 4A(74-83) PAG 6(93 98), Sevottam, CRRC, RTI, Import Noting, MCD] kumargaurav[dot]irs[at]gov[dot]in 9967303337 7007
6 Shri.Akshay Patil Deputy Commissioner Import Docks akshaypatil2328[at]gov[dot]in 23723149 8669089048
7 Shri.P.C. Shekhar Assistant Commissioner [FAG & PAG(VB) 5S(89), PAG SV(86-87), PAG SF(88), PAG 5i (90-92), Appraising Pay bill TCU, Legal, Prosecution, TSK.] pisupatics[dot]g218901[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757423 9849416546
8 Shri.N Srirama Krishna Rao Assistant Commissioner [PAG 5 (8401-8409), PAG(8470-8473), PAG 5N (8474-8487), Contract Cell] nandrgirisr[dot]g099201[at]gov[dot]in 8341935359
9 Shri.Mahesh Kumar Assistant Commissioner [FAG PAG 5A(8501-8516), PAG 5C(8517 8531), PAG 5M (8532-8548), Adjudication, Appraising General, Appraising Main, CPGRAM, E-office, Hindi Anubhag, CRU.] mahesh[dot]k72[at]gov[dot]in 9167934068 7428

Import-II Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Ms.Kiran Verma Commissioner Commissioner of Customs (Import-II), Mumbai Zone I. commr[dot]import2[at]gov[dot]in, kiran[dot]verma67[at]gov[dot]in 022-20821039 022-22757539 7004 7401
2 Shri.Rajkumar V. Kendre Additional Commissioner SVB, PAS, AEO, Import Bond, Review, CRARS, RTI, Sevottam, CPGRAMS,Hindi Anubhagh, DEPB Section, Centralised Licence Section rajkumar[dot]kendre[at]gov[dot]in 9869731517 7539 7524
3 M/s. Meghana M. Moghe Joint Commissioner All appraising groups, Adjudication Cell, Appraising Main, Apprasing General, E-office, CRU, Legal, Prosecution & Tribunal Cell.] meghana[dot]moghe[at]gov[dot]in 7506500484 7727 7451
4 Shri.Arun Choudhary Deputy Commissioner FAG & PAG (Gr.I), Adjudication, e-Office, CRU arun[dot]choudhary82[at]gov[dot]in 7045651513
5 Shri.H.D Gawai Assistant Commissioner [FAG & PAG (Chemical I1, Chemical 1), TCU] hd[dot]gawai1968[at]gov[dot]in 9619367361 7033
6 Shri.P Digvijayam Assistant Commissioner [PAG (Gr.-1, Gr.-1 A), FAG & PAG (Chemical 1) |Legal, Prosecution] paricharlal[dot]g099001[at]gov[dot]in 9490428314/ 9177960342
7 Shri.S.K Bundela Assistant Commissioner [SVB, Refund, Appraising Main, Appraising General, Hindi Anubhag] sanjayb[dot]g209001[at]gov[dot]in 9998219976 7597
8 Shri.B.N. Mishra Asstt. Commissioner PAS biranchi[dot]mishra[at]gov[dot]in 22614585 8800790210
9 Shri.S.G. Bajam Asstt. Commissioner |AC [Import Bond, DEPB Section, AEO, Central |Licensing section, Review, CPGRAM, RTI, Sevottam] sadanandamgb[dot]g148901[at]gov[dot]in 9987332608 7430

Commissioner (Appeal)

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Ms. Manpreet Arora Commissioner Appeals manpreet[dot]a[at}gov[dot]in 09867699002

Audit Commissionerate

S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Fax Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Shri.Ashok Kumar P. Kothari Commissioner of Customs Audit Commissionerate ashok[dot]pkcpk[at]gov[dot]in 022-22620845 7700 7501
2 Smt. Taruna Kumari Additional Commissioner [Circle B2, C2 ThBA, Sevottam and Hindi All minor ports,RTI] 9920266123 7548
3 Shri Mallinath Jeure Joint Commissioner [Circle AL, A2, A3, B1, CI, B3, C3, ECCS Audit, Administration, Accounts, Swachhta, Audit of SEEPZ. Planning and Coordination] mallinath[dot]jeure[at]gov[dot]in 9158330333 7506 7504
4 Ms. M Laxmi Rajyam Assistant Commissioner Circle A1, B3, PBA, e-Office |JAnalysis reports, Ch1-27 and 88-90, SEEPZ-SEZ] mandalanenh[dot]g098701[at]gov[dot]in 9885487501 7505 -
5 Shri.S Shivakumar Assistant Commissioner Circle C1, B1. PBA, ECCS Planning and Coordination, analysis reports|Ch 71-83,84] shivkumars[dot]c039401{at}gov[dot]in 7471 -
6 Arun Sonawane Assistant Commissioner [Circle A3, C3, PBA, analysis reports Ch39 70,95-981 arun{dot}sonawane8934{at}gov[dot]in 9850979704 7512 -
7 Shri Jagdev Singh Additional Commissioner Circle B2, C2, PBA, Admn&Accounts, P&V, Sevottam & RTI Swachhta, analysis reports Ch 85 87,91-94] jaidevs[dot]c098901[at]gov[dot]in 9892136022 7507 -
8 Shri. Onil M Shivdikar Assistant Commissioner [Circle A2, PBA and ThBA, All minor ports, analysis reports, Ch28-38 onil[dot]shivdikar[at]gov[dot]in 9867471086 7536 -


S.No. Name (Ms/Smt/Sh) Designation Charges Email Office Telephone No. Mobile Intercom Prefix 2275 P.A.
1 Shri. Narendra V. Kulkarni Customs Authority for Advance Ruling CAR kulkarni[dot]n1965[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757750 7750 -
2 M/s P Vinitha Sekhar Addl.Commissioner CAR vinitha[dot]sekhar[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757403 9757123324 7403 -
3 Shri.Salame Ankush Sambhu Deputy Commissioner CAR Ankush[dot]salame[at]gov[dot]in 9011009485 - -
4 Shri.Manoj Kumar Hessa Assistant Commissioner CAR manojk[dot]h[at]gov[dot]in 022-22757733 9819346253 7733 -
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