F .No. S/43-168/2015-16 Sports (YC) Dated-20-01-2016.

OFFICE OF THE PRINCIPAL COMMISSIONER OF CUSTOMS (GENERAL) New Customs House, 2 nd Floor, Ballard Estate, Mumbai 400001 Tel. 022-22612407/Fax 022-22757702


The Mumbai Customs Yacht Club has been playing an active part in organizing sailing expeditions in involving the officers of Mumbai Customs. The Yacht Club has two Sailing Boats namely Sailcus in the Seabird class and Jaycus III in the Ocean going class. It is proposed to revive and rejuvenate the activities of the Mumbai Customs Yacht Club by launching the Seabird class Boat by January end. The Seabird is a 23 feet long boat which can sail 6 persons on board. Jaycus III is a 32 feet long boat which is on hold and can be launched after some repairs which is being explored.

For the smooth functioning of the club, it is proposed to elect the office bearers of the club including the Vice Commodore/ Secretary, Treasurer and Captain of Boats for the Mumbai Customs Yacht Club. A meeting for the same shall be held on 22.01.2016 at 3.30 PM at the office of the Principal Commissioner of Customs (General).

This is to inform that officers who are members of the Club would be given priority in sailing programs of the club. In view of the same, officers who are interested in learning sailing and partaking in expeditions may become members of the customs Yacht Club. The Annual membership fee has been fixed at Rs 500/-. In the past Mumbai Customs Yacht Club had under taken many sailing expeditions including the goodwill trip to Maldives in 2004. All officers posted in Mumbai Customs are eligible to become Members of this Club.


(B. Bhattacharya)

Pr Commissioner of Customs (General)

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